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1. Native Japanese material organized by difficulty level.
2. Short 5-sentence comprehension quizzes made from the native source.
3. Difficulty levels automatically adjusted based on user submitted results and the type of material.
4. Discuss the difficulty level and ask questions about the Japanese found within.


Q. Do I need to create an account? What's it for?
A. No, you can search and submit quiz results without an account. However, if you want to keep track of your quizzes taken, your results, and to engage in discussion, you will need to create a free account.

Q. I cannot find a specific item I searched for. Where is it?
A. Since we just started, we have limited material, but will continue to add more.

Q. My search query only brought up 10 results. How do I see more?
A. Any search brings up 10 random results from how you restricted it. Click search again to get 10 random more.

Q. Why do only some sentences have furigana?
A. Only if there is furigana in the source material do we include it.

Q. How do I know whether I "understand" a sentence? Where are the English answers?
A. Use this guide for reference

Q. Do I need to understand every word and reading of a sentence to place a check?
A. No. Understanding most of the sentence means you understand the sentence.

Q. Why is it hard for me even though it says easy (or vice versa)?
A. Accurate difficulty levels created by user data will take some time.

Q. I did not understand anything or I am a beginner. Should I skip the quiz?
A. No, submit it with 0 correct. We need results from people of all levels.

Q. I submitted my results, but they were not saved. What happened?
A. If you repeat a quiz or answer it too fast, your results will not be saved.

Q. I clicked submit and got a blank screen. What happened to my results?
A. Cookies must be enabled to have your results submitted.

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